Ohio is for [Ceramic] Lovers

I have recently moved 1,500 miles to the great state of Ohio. I hear it is “The Heart of It All”, whatever that means. I should ask Hawthorne Heights since they seem to be the experts on love for my generation. But so far so good, Ohio and I seem to be getting along, except for my Texas driving. I hear I’m a little too aggressive for these Buckeyes. They just wander out into the street like it’s safe or something.

My class at Columbus College of Art and Design doesn’t start until late September and I haven’t heard back about jobs yet so I’ll be twiddling my thumbs at home for a while.ย However, I finally ventured outside today and found a place called Columbus Clay Company. It’s owned by several older gentlemen that seem like straight shooters. I bought 50 lbs. of white stoneware using less than 30 words. We had a good connection. We’ll see what magical or horrific things arise from my bricks.


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