Recipe of the Week // Wraps

I like to try and cook different dinners for Alex and I throughout the week. My grandma wanted me to be domesticated as a child. So now I shall use my powers for good and try to not give Alexander food poisoning. This week Alex requested something a little healthy, so Chicken Lettuce Wraps it is!

Ingredients: Chicken breasts (depends on how much you eat. Alex and I ate one breast without eye another one), vermicelli pasta, carrots, Boston lettuce, soy sauce, lemons, butter

Bake chicken breast:

-Heat oven to 425 F

-Prepare chicken by trimming fat and rubbing in a light lemon butter sauce

-Cook for 50-55 minutes

-Remember to cover pan with foil to lock moisture in

While the chicken is baking, boil some water and prepare vermicelli pasta. Drain the water when pasta is plump and mix with soy sauce. Shred the carrots into thin strips with a peeler or chop into long vertical strips. As for the lettuce, just clean it. After chicken is done, take out of the oven and cut into strips. I just put everything on a big platter and everyone can serve themselves. Portion control isn’t really a concern of mine. Happy eating everyone! Comments and likes are always appreciated.


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