Putting Together // the Pieces

I am without a wheel for another three weeks or so, which puts me in an uncomfortable position as a ceramicist. However, it gives me a great opportunity to work on those hand building skills, right? I actually think I’m a little dependent on the wheel, so I tried to free my mind today. This is what came from it. I’m still exploring this natural-organic aesthetic that’s been making an appearance in my work lately. I made a bunch of small slabs on my work station and cut little petal-like shapes to mold. I have an affiliation for circles so naturally, I formed them into a bowl shape with some homemade slip and it manifested from there. To almost bolt the seams together, I manufactured small spores which also adds to the organic quality. It’s drying now, and hopefully it all stays together. We’ll see what adjustments I’ll have to make tomorrow. I hope this can become another series! I just really love the idea of growth and what Mother Nature can create. I guess I can try and channel that: be Mother Nature.

Side Note: My best friend is visiting from Texas this weekend and I’m super excited πŸ˜€


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