American Gothic: Gra[nt]ffiti

It’s amazing what little surprises the world has to offer. To spend some quality time with Alex and my forever best friend, Leslie this weekend, I decided to take a break from art. But alas, art found me. We were walking through Short North, just a trendy area of town, in search of some food and shopping. And there it was, brought to life in 2002 by a couple of local artists [Steve Galgas and Mike Altman]. It is Grant Wood’s iconic American work, blended into the street scene and given a new twist. I may even like it a little better than the original– which I suppose is blasphemy. But to each his own.


2 thoughts on “American Gothic: Gra[nt]ffiti

  1. I don’t think it’s blasphemy to want to do (or like) a fresh version of what is considered a “classic”. People are people just like you and me and it was the same way when Grant Wood painted American Gothic and the same for Leonardo or any “master” from the past. It’s fun to put legendary status on stuff, but IMO we should also remember that each of us has the power to be a “master” and make classic art. Thanks for sharing!

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