Series In Progress // In Bloom

With every new piece, more discoveries are made and problems are resolved. These are my three latest pieces that I’ve sculpted out of white stoneware. With each one, I’ve rolled out some slabs and cut out leaf or petal-like pieces in varying sizes. Using my hands and palms, I can shape them into natural curves and lay them out to stiffen. I noticed that if I pat them hard enough against my palm, the creases in my hands get imprinted on the surface of the clay. I like the look but I don’t think they’re visible after glazing. I may look into purchasing some sort of vein-like stamp or consider making one… Also, I think that figuring out the right kinds of shapes will just have to come with time. My hands are better at working out these types of problems than my mind, unfortunately. You can see my progression through my images and I think I’m moving in the right direction. It just doesn’t feel quite natural yet. I also think that a certain amount of anxiety is giving me a mental block. Maybe that’s something else that I shouldn’t leave festering in my mind. Well fellow bloggers, if you have any comments on aesthetics or general life lessons, I’d love to hear them!


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