In Bloom // Spin Cycle Part III

I recently took my In Bloom series to the wheel, in an attempt to branch out and give my series a range and variety. I first made a curvy vessel, using about 5 pounds of clay. After a day of drying, I took out my needle tool to start etching on the surface. I wanted to mirror the wispy shape that trees have in their bark, so using the needle, I etched out and carved the space to capture this idea, as shown in my picture. I also wanted another aspect of growth to my piece so I added some of those seedling cups used in my previous 5 pieces.

What this has taught me…

I like the carved out negative space. I feel that it’s a good aesthetic which I want to incorporate into my later pieces. I am also fond of the detail achieved through clustering together my seedlings. However, I don’t feel that this is a particularly a strong piece at all. I see my hesitations in the clay as I look at it and I fear that this is because I have a certain tendency or desire to make perfect little vessels and dishes left over from my years of study. I never broke out of that mind set, I don’t think. But there’s no time like the present! My newest piece has started out as a thrown cylinder with no bottom. I figure that If i eliminate the bottom all together, I can’t possibly make something that will end up in my kitchen. Fingers crossed everybody! Comments are appreciated.


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