In Bloom // Completed

In Bloom, Form #16


I have finally completed my series In Bloom, a botanically based organic study. Through my ceramic journey, I have learned 3 lessons.

1. Never stop exploring the different possibilities. When you let go and run with an idea, outcomes emerge that you would have never expected, good and bad.

2. Asking for help is always acceptable, especially from professionals. For instructors, it is their calling in life to aid others, they want you to succeed. Also, another perspective on things won’t cause you to self destruct.

3. It is a valuable thing in life to know a good photographer. I have realized that sometimes, having good photographs of your work can actually make the work better. Photographers see things that your mind hasn’t trained itself to see yet. And they have amazing equipment that you didn’t know existed. The next best thing to having awesome photographer friends, is to sit in your house and read detailed photography blogs for hours.
For Example:Β

Β In Bloom is my beloved child, my first real step to exploring life. I’m a little sad it’s over, but this makes room for new projects.Β 


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