Litographs // World’s Longest Tattoo Chain

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I just joined Litographs Kickstarter Project last night to be part of their World’s Longest Temporary Tattoo Chain. They have divided up Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s (or more commonly known as Lewis Carroll)  novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  and Through the Looking Glass into 5,000 phrases to be made into temporary tattoos. These tattoos will be randomly distributed among the backers of this project and once the tattoos are applied, each backer will upload a photo of the tattoo to their website. The goal is to reprint the entire text of the novel over 5,000 human bodies.

I’m really excited to receive my tattoo in November! This is probably one of the most wonderful projects I have ever contributed to and I encourage others to join too! I believe there’s still a couple hundred spots left. It’s not just how cool the tattoos look but all the backers have this unique connection with other Alice In Wonderland enthusiasts all over the world. Some people have already started to consider making their tattoos permanent and I have to say, the idea does appeal to me too. Come November, watch out for a post of my tattoo!  Until then…


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