Vincent, Be My Valentine

As Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner, some struggle to find the perfect gift for their significant other or loved one. Well, if that person is an artist or art fanatic, I came across a pretty adorable, unique gift. I love gifts that are sweet, a bit different, maybe even a little odd, and if your person is anything like me, this will bring them giggles and joy. There’s a Kickstarter campaign by Today is Art Day which you can fund and receive a Vincent Van Gogh Action FigureΒ .


I understand that some may find Valentine’s Day to be overdone and a ploy by Hallmark, the entire flower industry, chocolatiers, and other major corporations to swindle money from people due to intense guilt and obligation… However, I have no agenda and this is a pretty delightful gift. And if the charm of this action figure hasn’t lured you in yet… Maybe the fact that his ear is detachable will seal the deal! Why wouldn’t you want this?!



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