Eternity to follow…

I had some time to finally complete this board for a bridal shower next week. I love bigger projects. It’s is one of those instances where bigger really is better.

Pro-tip: Using glitter glue is always easier than working with loose glitter. It’s cleaner and it wipes off easily with isopropyl alcohol.

Difficulties with this project: Glitter glue doesn’t mix well with chalkboard markers. It makes a strange paste with a terrible consistency. I recommend using a bit of white paint or clear nail polish as a base to make it pop.




Project 365: 2017

I started a photo project last year on January 1st, 2017. The goal of my project is to find perfect moments within each day. Through this process, I have been trying to become better at framing shots and in general, sharpen my photography skills.

A couple rules I made myself follow… I had to take at least one picture every day, which you can imagine becomes difficult when you most of your life is pretty repetitive. The picture had to be representative of that day, no duplicates, no staging. And in general, I told almost no one about this project because I wanted real moments with the people in my life.

So after taking 365 photos, these are my top 10 favorite moments of 2017. I hope you enjoy them! It’s been a good year.

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Doctor Prom: Tickets

Now that the spring formal is over, I have time to share a few of the items I hand-made for the event. Tickets are one of my favorite items to make. Hand cutting and perforating each ticket is a little cumbersome but I think the extra effort was worth it! I fit eight tickets to a page and printed them on 24 lb. card-stock. Snip, snip about 300 times and we’re done!

Doctor Prom Part II

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Event decorations are almost done! Here are some wall hangings I made for the Spring Formal in March.  They will be placed across the back wall next to the DJ.  I needed something lightweight for hanging yet still sturdy so I chose black foam board for the backing.  Also,  they’re pretty inexpensive,  about $5.00 a piece.  Each measured 20″x30″. I drew the borders of each letter and drew the florals around them using white paint and chalk markers,  leaving the negative space for each letter.  I added glitter glue for some extra sparkles.  I’m excited to hang them soon!  Moving on to the welcome sign this week 😊

Vincent, Be My Valentine

As Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner, some struggle to find the perfect gift for their significant other or loved one. Well, if that person is an artist or art fanatic, I came across a pretty adorable, unique gift. … Continue reading

One More Time Columbus

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I had one last bride in Columbus get in touch with me before my big move. I just couldn’t resist, even though taking on a larger project while packing wasn’t exactly the best idea. I had a lot of fun with this one though! She repainted old frames as accents on her big day and I added in my special touch. I wish the Butler’s a happy marriage!

I’m in Georgia now… The Land of Peaches.
If you’re in the Atlanta area and need art assistance, please contact me!